Many advertisements were implanted in movies.

Jarred posted on February 04, 2017 at 13:53

Today, when we see the movie, we can a lot of advertisements are implanted into the movies, the audience feels angry about it, because they don’t want to see these advertisements, they buy the tickets for seeing the good movie, while the producers are agreed to put the ads into the movie, both the audience and producers have their reasons.

For the audience, they hate to see the advertisements in the movie, because they think the advertisements have nothing to do with the plots, they don’t want to see the extra factors. What’s more, people get tired of the ads, because the ads are exaggerating and try to persuade people to buy the products. After seeing these advertisements all the time, people feel tired.

While for the producers, they argue that it is reasonable for the advertisements to be showed in the movie, these ads do not affect the plot, they need the sponsors to give the money, so they can have enough money to make the movie.

In my opinion, advertisements should not be showed in the movie, they ruin the sense of beauty in the movie, people have the right to enjoy the pure movie.

Zhao Baishi also learned that Zhou Ying was tied up and immediately led the officers and men to chase the bandits, hoping to save her. The bandits ran all the way to the mountains and injured the horses of Zhao Baishi. Fortunately, Zhao Baishi martial arts high-strength, on the occasion of the fall, grabbed the hostage in the sack. The bandits did not dare to stay for a long time and they withdrew.

Zhao Baishi untied the sack, but found that this is the Miss Wu of the Wu family. Because she was afraid of struggling, she was full of chaos, and her eyes were full of tears. This situation, Zhao Baishi could not help but feel this frightened little girl, took off her clothes and put on her, whispered and said nothing.

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Who doesn't like talking, feels awkward. While he was preparing to leave, Vija suddenly spoke up. What is it like outside? After asking this sentence, Vija was silent again. Wei's words made Chen Yu feel a little confused. He thought about it and said: I don't know how to describe it, but it is different from here. Wia snorted, her eyes were a little confused, and she seemed to be thinking. Did you hurt the third?

Giving people a feeling of being easy to get along with. Kitt, a teenager in the village who is in charge of genealogical files. His family is the most special family in the village, and his ancestors were designated as the family tree in charge of the family tree. Since then, this responsibility has also been passed down, and the genealogy file administrator will definitely come from his home. And Kitt.

He can't do it equally well. This is the most unpleasant thing in the heart of Bovin. He has always been self-sufficient in his eyes. However, Chen Yans body has repeatedly looked away, which makes him feel extremely depressed. Like a brave man who is self-defeating, and again and again, he is beaten by a young man who does not look too strong. This naturally makes him feel very uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Chen Hao did not care about Beverly or was unhappy.

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