My first year in university

Jarred posted on February 07, 2017 at 08:00

Going to college is an exciting thing for me, because I have been studying so hard to realize this dream. Before I went to the campus, I had good imagination about the college life. But the first year in the college makes me recognize the campus life.

The first year in college, I spend a lot of time in studying. Before I went to college, I thought the college life would be very easy and I just could do whatever I want. But I did not expect that I still needed to pay so much attention on study. Everybody around me went to the library and I would be very guilty if I played. So college life was not that easy.

When I lived far away from my home, I was so free, I enjoyed the freedom so much. My parents always kept their eyes on me, so I couldn’t be myself when I lived with them. Living in the dormitory, I could stay up and join the activities at night. It is the young guy’s right.

Though the first year in college isn’t that easy for me, I still enjoy the campus life.

When Zhou Ying learned that her sister was taken away and was ready to ride to save people, Shen Xing rushed to ask for a long question. He didn't stop all the way, only afraid that she had an accident. At this time, Zhao Baishi came back with Miss Yan, and Zhou Ying quickly took her sister back to the house. Wu Hao, who used to rarely touch men, looked at his savior, and suddenly the fright of his heart was replaced by the sorrowful feelings. Zhou Laosi looked at Shen Xing, who was sweating, and his heart had already understood his intentions for Zhou Ying.

In that year, the flower of the full moon, the 30th episode of the stills, Miss Zhao’s dark feelings for Zhao Baishi

There were bandits in the area, which was a big blow to Zhao Baishi’s political career. The boss ordered him to clear the trouble within three months, otherwise he would stop the investigation.

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He would have been the first master of the younger generation. Conrad narrowed his eyes and looked sharp! In the eyes of Kitt, who has always been calm, there is also a glimmer of color. The most calm is Via, his expression is light, like seeing something that is normal. In the test field, the metal arm ring on Colin's arm cracked into dozens, and his half body armor was also covered with a spider's crack. His face was extremely ugly.

Berwen was threatening them. In the face of the five young people who are eager to move, Burvin looks as usual and does not look at them. Although it is still unclear what identity is the red, but the relatives between the old sayings, Berwen secretly guessed that the relationship between the devil and the old man must be great. The old man was not angry because of the words of Bavin. His expression did not change. He just looked at Bobun deeply: young people.

The power of the flame dragon card is not in her eyes, that is, the power of this flame dragon card in front of her eyes is not in her eyes. But this does not prevent her from being surprised by this card. The Flame Dragon Card is a very mature card. After so many years of development, it is not the most powerful card, but it is not the most mature card. Due to the large number of users, many card makers have improved the Flame Dragon Card. After the excavation of countless generations of card makers.

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